About Us

Why Family Look Clothes?

Even before becoming a mom of a baby girl,  was always dreaming to dress matching clothes for myself and my future daughter. I believe it is not only cool and looking very cute, but it also builds a stronger inner connection between us.

For my daughter’s 1st Birthday Party I was searching for Family Look matching clothes throughout many shops and websites. I was so desperate that at the end I have decided to order the matching dresses from one chinese website… I was disappointed with the quality of the fabric, and we never wore those clothes. That was the very moment I realised that if I could not find these outfits, I could create them, and help other mothers who are looking for the same comfort and quality in the Family Look Matching outfits.

How the brand Like Me Family Look was born?

Since my childhood (when I was at 7th grade in high school) I was creating and sewing the clothes for myself and for my close friends. At that time my parents couldn’t afford buying me a lot of new clothes, and as all other girls I wanted to dress in beautiful clothes, so I decided to complete the course of designing and sewing. I didn’t become a designer, my career was mostly concentrated in Marketing, Retail and Sales in big international companies, but Fashion became my passion for life. And when this idea came to mind, I was already well prepared to start my own business.

The Team

I am very lucky and happy to have a very talented friend in fashion industry with whom we are sharing ideas, creating and discussing our collections. We are working hard on every detail of our collection and at the same time having so much fun, so we just enjoy the process and the results as well.

Fabrics & Quality

As we are creating clothes not only for adults, but for kids, and therefore we are mostly using high quality natural cotton fabrics produced mostly in Italy and other countries.